Organic Produce, Grown with Love

The land parcel situated at 3105 Hwy 3, Keremeos, has been an orchard since about 1909. In the early 1990’s, the owners at the time had an epiphany that led them to change their growing practices to start farming organically. The Horricks family, already well versed in organic produce, started farming the orchard in 2006.

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Wild at Heart Organic Family Farm Ltd. is Certified Organic by PACS- #16-314.

Wild at Heart Organic Orchard specializes in tree-ripened fruit including several varieties of apricots, 13 types of peaches, 6 varieties of nectarines, 10 varieties of plums, and 10 types of apples. These seasonal delights are available at our orchard fruit stand, as well as hand packed and shipped to select retailers.